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What Inner Sanctum Members are saying

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do – even if I’m not with you live, I listen to you every week (usually as I’m driving!) to keep connected.  A friend said to me the other day – “you’re different.  Like, not that you weren’t awesome before, but there’s just something that has shifted in you”.  I owe that to the work I’ve done with you across this last year. 
Amanda Pendleton
Harrisburg, PA
I really like that you value feedback and use that for growth. I also love who you bring onto your show (Coffee and Magic). I then go and look them up and listen to them or follow them. I feel that is increasing my awareness and spiritual depth. I love how vulnerable you are which allows us to trust you. I have shared your podcast and lives. Thanks!
Stephanie Wirth
Harrisburg, PA
This community has been hugggeeee in helping me through the difficult transitions in my life – feeling supported and loved and a part of something bigger.
Matthew Kramer
Harrisburg, PA
I joined the Inner Sanctum after seeing Sarah Amala on Tik Tok! I participated in the New Moon Ritual this evening, I’ve never done a Moon Ritual before. It was an electric experience!
Teffani Dupont-Anderson
Detroit, MI
Yes, [the moon calls] force me to take the time and listen to myself. Force sounds negative but I’m using it in the most loving sense!
Dana McFadden
New Freedom, PA
A community of like minded-people during a difficult year has been super beneficial. Not only have the monthly moon calls saved my butt, but being able to relate to others has been wonderful. 
Danielle Scheib
Elizabethtown, PA
I am surrounded by a like-spirited community with the endless pursuit of knowledge and expanded consciousness.
Lisa Pollock
Kearnysville, VW
Sarah has created a peaceful sanctuary and draws together community with her authenticity, love, and gentle healing spirit.
Rickie Meryl Freedman
Camp Hill, PA
The exercises are always on point and go deep to the root issues that are needing to be released at this time. Honestly, Moon Calls are far more valuable than someone might realize at first glance.  12/10 🙂
Jen K.
Harrisburg, PA
Sarah is wonderful! She truly puts her heart and soul into everything she does and is a beautiful channel of divine energies. Her readings are amazing and full of love, and her Amala method and healing sessions are deeply restorative and gently shift big energies with grace and ease. If you are being called to work with her, I would say YES! She is on fire and will help you in both subtle and powerful ways.
Brandy Yavicoli
Gardners, PA

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