This isn't
it's revelation

Normalize magic in your life

In the beginning

it was just you and your brilliant unique spark

You need no fixing

You only need revealing

Reveal your true self

Remove the not you

rewire to create

made accessable

Finding community, having access to tools that support your journey, and receiving real-time energy updates and live channeled insight are here for you, conveniently located within the community focused Inner Sanctum platform. 

Sarah Amala programs are designed to provide immediate shifts in your life and support and guidance that grows with you. 


Connect directly with Sarah Amala and the Inner Sanctum community. Ask questions, engage in lively discussions, and receive insight and tools for your journey.


Received channeled insight and messages from star beings, ancestors, spirit guides and more as Sarah taps in and channels live twice a month.


You can access your sessions, libraries, community, social feeds, and more through your web browser, or by downloading the native app in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Rewiring library

Perfect by itself or as a companion to Coffee&Coaching or Live Channeling, enjoy meditations created with PlantWave technology. This library is updated constantly and will also contain channeled meditations.

Want to feel really good right now?

Listen to a ReWiring meditation.

I dare you to not feel good as hell after.

Deconstructing limits
normalizing magic