Immersions are self-guided tours through a myriad of energy-based topics. This is the new way of learning, where you needn’t memorize or take notes or prove your knowledge. 

Each immersion starts with your intention and through that intention your unique path is created. 

If you are new to energetic concepts and to me, I would highly suggest starting with (re)Activation. Yes, it’s four weeks but it goes by in a breeze and will really immerse you in some good juju and align your energy with the flow.

If you’re looking for something QUICK to get your energy jump-started, try the New Earth Energetic Upgrade – easy peasy.

To access your Immersion after you purchase, log into Inner Sanctum and go to “My Immersions” for full access!

“Absolutely loved it! A lot of insight and wonderful information that I definitely needed. I can’t wait for the rest!!!!”
Peoria, AZ